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Head coach

Karate Master Showing off trophies

Our head coach, Albert Livshitz, is an award-winning athlete and Shotokan style representative in numerous worldwide competitions.  He is patient, reliable and professional, always following our motto: ‘Strength, Discipline, Respect’. Self-taught and gold medalist in Israeli Karate championships, our coach has entered into the world of martial arts at the young age of 13 starting with kickboxing, then moving on to other forms of combat. Albert discovered the Karate Shotokan style at the age of 14 and, ever since, has been faithful to this genre, motivated and consistent to improving his techniques, maintaining discipline at all times, gaining strength and accomplishing his goals.

Having more than three decades of experience in practicing Shotokan Karate Do, our talented and friendly instructor is a proud member of the national Israeli karate team and holds a Roku Dan (Sixth degree) black belt. Furthermore, Albert is recognized by Karate Ontario and Karate Canada – the only Canadian organization which is a member of the World Karate Federation, as well as the Canadian Olympic Committee. The vast majority of his students have excelled in Shotokan karate, being passionate martial artists and winning a great deal of competitions, both national and international. They all praise Albert Livshitz’s style of teaching and approach towards instilling a sense of discipline, respect and self-improvement in his students.

Albert is also a president of Canadian Shiai Karate Association - an organization that is recognized by Karate Canada and facilitates annual North York open karate tournaments and seminars for athletes and coaches across Canada. 

karate master with his student
karate master with his student
karate master with his students
karate master with his student
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