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Karate master standing in karate pose

When performing this sacred art, one purges himself/herself of all evil and selfish thoughts. Karate teaches a person to be gentle, humble, focused and confident, to be a good listener, to make calculated decisions and face any situation with calm.


Shindokan Karate Dojo incorporates the discipline and protocol of traditional martial arts studios in a fun manner for all students. The goal is for all participants to learn about respect, self-control, discipline, goal-setting and concentration, to grow emotionally and develop a fit body through healthy exercise and well-perfected karate techniques.

Shindokan Dojo offers a variety of karate classes for all ages. All students develop a “Yes, I can!” attitude and gain a positive self-image by practicing karate techniques. As they progress, they build confidence and character, learn to control their bodies and achieve the ability to stand up to peer pressure and various other intimidating situations. Through the movements of karate they increase body and mind strength, they improve their flexibility and they develop coordination.

The training program is composed of three aspects, each being an important part of traditional karate-do: the basics (Kihon), forms (Kata) and sparring (Kumite). The lessons run generally for one hour and all students wear a white “GI” during training.


A rank belt system is used to keep track of the student’s progression in his/her karate path. This system gives karate practitioners a tangible sense of accomplishment and achievement. The training process for these evaluations enhances the participants’ abilities to concentrate, plan, set goals and reach them.

It is well known that karate doesn’t promote violence, but self-defense and personal growth. Through the lessons of Shindokan Karate, everyone can better themselves and face life victoriously as a self-confident individual that doesn’t need to show off to others or bully anyone.

You too can develop strong character through Shindokan Karate lessons!

The benefits of Shindokan Karate Dojo’s lessons

Personal development

Better health

Technique improvement



Stress reduction

Build Confidence

Increase of training motivation

Boost of performance

Learn to set goals and achieve them

Physical fitness


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