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Karate master kicking pose

Self-defence is the measure of defending the well-being and health of oneself from harm. When facing danger, people mostly feel defeated, useless. That doesn’t need to be the case. An immediate threat of violence can be countered through physical self-defence. Most of the time, the success of a self-defence action stands in the physical and mental preparedness of the defender.


It is not enough to be physically fit to counter an attack; one must have mental self-defence preparedness in order to get in the proper mindset to successfully execute a physical self-defence technique. This is a very important factor as without the mental tenacity and toughness to execute the defensive techniques, a skilled physical execution might prove to be inefficient under stress.

Shindokan Karate initiated a series of Self-defense classes meant to prepare its students both mentally and physically for situations where they will need to take self-defense measures in order to protect themselves from harm.

Shindokan self-defense students achieve the ability to focus strictly on the successful outcome of a dangerous situation. Each of them will be able, in the end, to go under, over, through and around any obstacle while driven by pure self-preservation instincts.

Self-defense isn’t a form of martial arts. These classes don’t teach set patterns, as real-life dangerous situations are unpredictable and involve real resistance and pressure, not just pretend moves as those in a gym class. Some of the techniques taught in most classes of this type help the defender end the attack as soon as possible by: hitting the attacker with hand and elbow strikes, kicking the attacker in the vulnerable parts of the body and forcing the attacker to loosen his grip.

The goal of all self-defense classes is to make the participants feel safer and more secure on the streets. Participants are made aware of their surroundings and taught how to prevent ending up in an imminent attack situation. In order to avoid having to counter an attack, one needs to assess if the people around them are dangerous or if they pose a threat, as well as avoiding putting oneself in potentially dangerous situations. The best self defense tactic is to continuously be alert.

You can be a modern “Samurai of Japan” and gain the proper mindset and mental toughness to come out victorious from an encounter with aggressors or attackers.

To learn the true meaning of mental and physical strength, join Shindokan Karate Self-Defense classes today!

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